Custom Design Medifacial

A great first visit treatment for you to experience the type of skincare Marilyn performs. You will relax in her quaint little studio, and get to know Marilyn. She understands the importance of feeling like you're "in the best of hands". Marilyn will also analyze your skin, design a Medifacial that best meets your skin's needs and make recommendations for you.

Teen Clean

Marilyn understands the effects of teen acne. She suffered from it herself and knows first hand the effect it has on one's self-confidence. The treatment itself is essentially a Custom Design Medifacial with the focus being on cleaning the skin and reducing inflammation. Also, hearing from someone other than Mom that you need to wash your face everyday seems to be heard a little better!

Marilyn will also analyze what is being used at home and advise whether it is likely a good thing or something that may be aggravating the breakouts.


Intraceuticals Oxygen Infusion Treatment

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Osmosis Facial Infusion Treatment

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Waxing Services

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